Your Daily LOL! Trump and Hillary Debate Dubbed With "The Time of My Life," and It's Perfect

And now for something completely different…

During all the seriousness, rumors, speculation, and trash TV-esque back and forths happening during this election, it’s good that there are people out there making fun of it in genius ways. Sure, we can all make memes and funny quips, but someone out there decided to put together a video that is pure art.

LuckyTV took clips from the debate, and after working in some clever editing, synced both Clinton and Trump’s movements perfectly enough so that it matches up with the song “The Time of My Life.” The video is already going viral around Twitter and Facebook.

Watch below.

Hilariously, this song might be accurate, especially in Clinton’s case. She and her campaign were discovered to have actively wanted Trump as her opponent before the primaries began.