Senator Ben Sasse Now Joining the Cadre of Republican Voices Urging Trump to Step Down

Trump continues to lose Republican support, and more and more voices are rising from within the Republican party, urging him to drop out. Earlier, Senator Mike Lee released a video saying that Trump needs to take a hike. Jason Chaffetz publicly withdrew his support, and even some of Trump’s supporters have now taken to publicly calling for him to step away from the candidacy.


But now, one more voice has joined the chorus for a Trump dismissal. This time, it comes in the form of conservative darling, Senator Ben Sasse, who took to Twitter to voice his support for the idea of Trump taking a hike.

The emerging pattern here is that Trump should allow Pence to take center stage now. Indeed, after his performance at the VP debate, many people have taken kindly to Pence. Trump’s absence may convince many wayward Republicans to return to support a candidate more in control of his temperament, and more vast in his knowledge.

With Sasse – a quickly rising star in the conservative movement – giving his nod toward Pence, there’s little doubt that many would feel confident throwing their weight back in.


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