Gary Johnson Attempts Damage Control After Bill Weld Praises Clinton

Just the other day, Libertarian VP pick, Bill Weld, told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that Hillary Clinton was “I’m not sure anybody is more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States.”


For those of us in the Libertarian camp, this is a less than stellar thing to hear from the man who is supposed to be the primary cheerleader for his boss. Weld has spent far too much time in the past talking up Hillary Clinton, and it’s moments like this that really make it seem like Weld would much rather be Hillary’s VP pick than Johnson’s. Worse, it makes those choosing Johnson feel as if they campaign isn’t trying as hard as it should. Including myself.

This feeling from the public was enough to make the rumor that Weld was swapping sides to work for Clinton all too believable.

Johnson recently appeared on Neil Cavuto’s show to clarify Weld’s comments, both doubling down, and denouncing Clinton at the same time.

“Well in the whole context of things, he said the right thing. Look, she’s qualified. Donald Trump is not qualified,” said Johnson. “But Hillary Clinton on the other hand – play to play, taxes are going to go up. There’s a certainty regarding that. And there’s a certainty that she’s going to be the most hawkish candidate if she gets elected candidate, we’ll continue to drop bombs.


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I know Johnson needed to assist his running-mate in saving face, but the Johnson campaign needs to reign in its praise of Clinton immediately. Many who came to Johnson are from the left, and him praising the woman they left their party to avoid voting for is no way put confidence in anyone.

As far as the Johnson campaign should play it, Hillary is not qualified to run for President. Johnson and Weld need to hammer this point home as often as possible, instead of playing softball with a woman only disliked second to Trump. It’s upsetting to see that the campaign people flee to to get away from the corruption and nonsense of the Republicans and Democrats is choosing to shower one of those them in praise.


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