Hillary's Ad Attacking Trump's Piggish Nature Comes Off As Making Women Look Fragile

A recent ad of Hillary’s has been making the rounds about social media platforms that attacks Donald Trump for something he’s rather famous for. Problem is, it doesn’t really have the intended effect.


Trump has oftentimes been bashed for his attitude toward women, oftentimes focusing on their looks, and treating them like conquests more than people. He even went so far as to boil down attitudes from women toward him to them bleeding out of their “wherever.” So it’s no wonder that amongst women, Trump is not doing all that well.

Hillary thought to take advantage of this fact, and created an ad that focused on the nasty things he’s said about women over time. As the audio bits play, she has young women looking into the mirror rather insecurely, giving off the impression that when Trump says nasty things about one woman, he’s saying them about all women. The video ends with someone asking “so you treat women with respect?” with Trump answering “I can’t say that either.”

Watch below.

I’m sure to some women this might be affecting, but I imagine to many women, this video would come off as slightly insulting. In an attempt to highlight Trump’s chauvinism, Hillary just makes women come off as fragile, and insecure. She attempts to feed off of that insecurity to attack her opponent. By trying to make him seem like a jerk, she painted women as weak.


What Hillary has essentially done is she’s gone after an “insecurity vote.”

If that’s not insulting to women, I’m not sure what is. It should be noted that this video has around 44,300 down votes, compared to around 26,000 up votes, as of this writing. Apparently, I’m not the only person who sees this video as denigrating.

I also find it Hillaryous that she of all people would release this video seeing as she’s married to one of America’s most notorious cereal adulterers, Bimbo Dickerson. Trump is bad, but in terms of sexist men, there’s not many who can rival the absolute horror to women that Bill Clinton is, and Hillary Clinton was right next to him, defending the man every step of the way.


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