The Most Powerful Video About the Struggle Of Law Enforcement and the Black Community You Will Ever See

It’s amazing what a good piece of art can do to really put struggle and strife into perspective.

We’re dominated almost daily by news of the black community, and the police clashing over one issue or another. Of black men and women, and officers slain as we watch on television, YouTube, and other media outlets. It angers us, as well it should, but we never really feel the grief that those people we see feel.


We can pretend we do. We can pray for people, “send our best” – whatever that is – and shake our heads at how awful things have gotten, but we never really feel the weight of what’s happening. And how could we? Oftentimes these are events happening in some other place, to people you don’t know, and will likely forget about after a little while.

But one YouTube user put together a video that really hits home. It doesn’t just show the violence, it shows the effects. It shows the death, the blood, and the grief of the families and communities that suffer through these events we see at a distance. It shows the blood drawn from both sides, the tears shed, and the chaos that has engulfed our country. Most of all, it really brings you into the world of chaos that our law enforcement officers stand athwart on our behalf.

This video is powerful, and a must see, but I must warn you that it contains real violence, language, and scenes that may stay with you for some time.


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