As Charlotte Descended Into Chaos, One Man Tried to Bring Peace

Charlotte was a hotbed of violence and destruction last night, with people being attacked, shot, and property destroyed left and right. Racial tensions have boiled over, and the media can’t seem to bring itself to call the event a “riot,” opting instead to paint it as a “protest.” Police on scene were on edge, showing up in riot gear, as insults and threats were hurled there way. Some even endured injury.


However, one man showed up to the riot with the intent to bring peace between police and the black community. His name is Ken E. Nwadike Jr., and he heads up something called the “Free Hugs Project.” On camera, Nwadike approached the officers and began speaking to them. Seeing his shirt – and likely grateful that someone there didn’t want to cause he and his fellow officers harm – one of the officers accepted a hug, calling him brother. 

This apparently sparked anger from the onlooking crowd, who turned on Nwadike and began hurling insults at him.

“Hey, you a p**sy, n**ga!” shouted someone off camera.

Nwadike then stood between the officers and the rioters, attempting to bring understanding between the two and explain that these officers are human beings just like them. Especially one of them, a black officer, who feels the sting of the troubles of the black community when he takes off his uniform.


“Last night was very risky and difficult being on the frontline fighting for peace,” said Nwadike in a Facebook post. “I lost my patience with a few people, but I know I got through to many and kept some from getting arrested. Unfortunately, a young man was shot in the head during the protests. Condolences to his family. Hate and violence won’t fix the damage that has been done, only love can do that.

Watch the video below.


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