VIDEO: CNN Reporter Assaulted During Charlotte Riot On Air

The riots in Charlotte are going strong currently, with dozens reported injured, and at least one dead from a bullet to the head.


CNN is currently on scene covering the riots, but due to the aggressive nature of the rioters, the media is not at all safe. This was demonstrated live on air as one reporter was giving a live rundown of what was happening.

As he was talking to the camera, a man behind him can be seen yelling something into a road cone. Out of the blue, a man wearing a backpack suddenly rushes into him, knocking the reporter over.

You can watch the event unfold below.

For those using mobile, you can see the video by following the link here.

With reports that the riot is getting violent to the point of life threatening, it’s probably a smart idea to pull media out of the more intense areas, as they are apparently attracting the attention of violent people.


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