CAUGHT RED HANDED! Hillary's Server Technician Is Discovered Asking Reddit How to Wipe Evidence From Emails

Paul Combetta, Hillary Clinton’s Tech “specialist” who pleaded the 5th when asked about Hillary’s emails and servers is apparently not that much of a specialist at all.

As it turns out, Combetta – under the name “stonetear” was caught asking members of Reddit’s r/exchangeserver community how to manipulate Hillary’s emails so that the “VIP” wouldn’t appear in them. Even going so far as to ask if he could rewrite what was in the emails themselves.



As he discovered that he had been caught red handed, Combetta began deleting his responses within the thread in an attempt to cover them up. One Twitter user filmed it happening in real time, as he refreshed his page.

Combetta’s responses can still be seen in there entirety here, however. Political Insider notes something interesting about the time the deletions occurred.

It’s important to note the date, which was within 24 hours of a recent New York Post report that showed Combetta at that time trying to ship archived data to Clinton Executive Services Corp., or CESC, which handles logistics for Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Was this the same data he was trying to forge or strip of evidence?

Combetta would eventually delete the archive of Clinton emails and scrub them from the server, knowing full-well the House Committee on Benghazi had requested retention of the information.

So now we’ve got clear evidence of Combetta’s hand in the cookie jar, and him attempting to cover up the fact that he was caught. You can bet Rep. Chaffettz and the Oversight Committee are going to have a field day with this one.