Hillary Clinton Gets Drawn by "Bob Ross," then Does An "Interview" With Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder is no stranger to venturing into non-politically correct territory, but with actual comedic intent, instead of resorting to shock-jockery like too many today.


Crowder’s latest video resurrects his “Bob Ross” character that he used previously to do a skit in which he painted Muhammad, and encouraged others to do so. This time, however, Crowder puts on his brown afro wig, and soft NPR voice to paint Hillary Clinton.

During the video “Bob Ross” paints Clinton with “liquid white” security, coughing up lungs next to happy trees.

But that’s not all. “Hillary Clinton” decided to stop for an interview with Crowder with as much helps as she could get.

Clinton’s episode in New York has sent waves of speculations, endless headlines, and jokes to rise to the top of the news. Crowder’s commentary usually takes the form of the latter, making light of serious topics. Clinton not being spared is a desperately needed breath of fresh air in a media circus that treats her all too reverently.


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