Fox Sports Host's Disgusting Attempt to Race Bait Lil' Wayne Backfires, as Rapper Gives Touching Testimony Intead

Fox Sports Host's Disgusting Attempt to Race Bait Lil' Wayne Backfires, as Rapper Gives Touching Testimony Intead

I don’t listen to a lot of Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.’s – more popularly known as Lil’ Wayne – music, and he’s been involved in some serious controversies in the past, but after watching this I have garnered a new amount of respect for him.

Carter was recently on the show “Undisputed,” a sports debate show hosted by Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. During Carter’s time on camera, Bayless and Sharpe shamelessly, and continuously tried to bait the rapper into speaking out about the racism that infects this country, and how his life has been affected by it.

Try as they might, however, Carter would not resort to any self-victimization. In fact, Carter’s responses flew in the face of the narrative they were attempting to build, going so far as to state that he has never had to deal with racism thanks to his blessed life, that his white fans are diverse and unconcerned with racism, and even finished off with a story about how his life was saved by a white police officer.

Frankly, Carter seemed to inadvertently embarrass the hosts, as the rapper’s unwillingness to engage in the racist narrative highlighted the host’s own racism. Carter shines here, and in that moment puts light on just how guilty our media is in continuing a narrative that many wish would die already.

Watch below.

What fascinates me about all of this, is that Carter seems to acknowledge a world where race is not an issue, when the vogue is to create them to continue a narrative of victimization. Instead of resorting to feeding racial tension, he tells us stories about his white fans, and having his life saved by a white police officer. He politely sweeps away the idea that racism is a growing problem, citing how his young fans don’t really think about that kind of thing at all, as race isn’t something they care about.

But the media couldn’t accept it. The looks on their faces sometimes bordered on indignant as Carter continued to focus on the positives, and non-racism. This whole display really shows us that the primary source of racism in this country is the media, who fuel tensions, and seeks to exacerbate the problems that plague our country today.

This is tragic when you continuously see riots, blatant college racism, and pro-segregatory sentiments from black communities due to a media generated narrative that they are under attack, and have little to no way out of their victimhood. Truth is, that’s not reality, and Carter and his testimony is a glimpse into the real world.

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