America's Trust In the Media Is at an All Time Low, Especially Among Republicans and Millenials

America's Trust In the Media Is at an All Time Low, Especially Among Republicans and Millenials

According to a new poll by Gallup, the media is about as trusted as a thief in a jewelry store. While its fandom has been on a slow, downward slide since the 70’s, due to the recent election, things have somewhat tanked…at least for a few groups.

The main group that feels the media isn’t worth the time is Republicans, who have experienced more than their fair share of bias against them and their candidates. The media’s preference for leftist politicians has never been so apparent, and that’s why Republican sentiments have turned against the MSM all the way down to 14%. This is down from 32% just last year.


Joining them are them are the independent voters, who also feel the media has tilted way too far to the left to be of any merit, though it’s fall is not as impressive, seeing only a 3% drop overall. This is actually less than the Democrats, who have dropped 4%, but still maintain a majority trust in the media.

A lot of this may be fueled by millenials, who have grown skeptical of the media, causing their approval of the MSM to drop a whole 10% from last year. Older Americans are still more than likely to trust the media, but even their age group has seen a drop.

Older Americans are more likely than younger Americans to say they trust the media, but trust has declined among both age groups this year. Currently, 26% of those aged 18 to 49 (down from 36% last year) and 38% of those aged 50 and older (down from 45%) say they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media.


Overall, the drop looks like this.


Gallup surmises that the drop is consistent with media going beyond the mainstream, and the avalanche of news and information coming from blogs and vlogs has a lot to do with it, as now the norm has become opinionated journalism.

To an extent I’d agree, but much of the distrust the right and millenials have acquired is due to various discoveries of blatant leftism by the media, and exposed by citizen journalists. Alternative media has been a gateway to discovering parts of the story previously ignored, or even covered up by the mainstream media, which has further fueled distrust of it.

For instance, a man may see a story mentioned in the news, but go to a YouTuber who has been known to have done further research on the story, and spend 10-30 minutes discussing the information, giving him a larger picture that the mainstream media did not. This has become quite typical, especially when it comes to Republicans, and millenials in particular.


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