AUDIO: Sean Hannity Warns About His Mad Karate Skills When Addressing #NeverTrump Internet Attacks

On Tuesday’s radio show, captain of Trump Cheer Squad, Sean Hannity, was fielding questions from callers when he got one from a concerned listener who didn’t really like Hannity’s ongoing feud with Never Trump figures such as Glenn Beck, Jonah Goldberg, and Rich Lowery.


Hannity has been something of a wonder to watch on Twitter lately, as he repeatedly tweets weird messages to the likes of Goldberg that look like they come from angry, illiterate, internet trolls.

And his responses on the radio don’t get much better. During his response, Hannity decided to remind his listeners about how much of a tough guy he is, and that his karate skillz, and his online argument skillz go hand in hand, punk.

“They’re all taken shots at me first and I’m just––I’m a counterpuncher, I punch back. You know, now working towards my black belt, I’m very close… I finally got my brown belt, I’m moving up in degrees. And I treat my business the same way. If you hit me, if you come at me, I’m gonna really hit you and defend myself.”


Congrats Sean, you just told people who you debate on the internet that you know karate, and they should watch out. You’re now every try-hard internet tough guy I’ve ever laughed at.

Of course, Hannity wanted to be clear that he doesn’t mean he’d physically attack Beck, or Goldberg, and that this all pertains to his fighting on the internet, which makes it all so much better, and not the least bit weird.

This is just as cringeworthy as the time Lawrence O’Donnell got all tough guy on Tagg Romney, adopting an obviously fake Boston accent, and challenging him to a fight.


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