New Poll Further Confirms That Our Military Prefers Gary Johnson as Commander In Chief

Not long ago, I posted about a video where Gary Johnson took part in doing 22 pushups – one for every veteran that commits suicide a day on average – and showed a poll conducted that put Gary Johnson out in front in terms of military approval.


Now a new poll has been released by a combined effort of a few pro-military organizations to see which candidate our fighting men and women, and their families prefer.


MilitaryVotesMatter (powered by MilitaryOneClick), Doctrine Man, We Are The Mighty, and Got Your 6 teamed up to offer a non-partisan poll to the military and veteran communities to better gauge where military-connected registered voters currently stand for the Presidential election.

Their results? As it stands, the trend continues, with Johnson coming out ahead, and by a good margin.

Overall, Gary Johnson led the poll with 36% of the total vote. Donald Trump received 30% and Hillary Clinton, 24%. Stein and Castle each garnered less than 1% of the vote.

55% of the respondents have worn or are currently wearing the uniform ( with 15% still active duty), while 45% were family members.

Among active duty members Johnson had a significant lead with 53% and Clinton and Trump tied at 20%; however among family members of active duty members, Trump received 39% of the vote, Clinton 30%, and Johnson 21%.



This is a very interesting result, and one not being highly publicized. Johnson has been a strong vocal proponent of bringing our troops home, and not interfering abroad. Instead, focusing on a strong national defense at home.



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