Clinton Emerges From Building Like Nothing Happened, Puts On Show for Reporters

Just earlier we showed you video of a passed out Clinton being put into a van by security during her stop in NYC. The Clinton campaign told the press that it was due to heat exhaustion, but the weather in NYC is actually quite mild.


Now, Clinton and her campaign are in damage control mode, and the first order of business is to make it seem like everything is “doubleplussgood.” The press, awaiting Clinton’s emergence from her daughter’s apartment, caught the entire production.

The video begins with Clinton standing in an open door, shaking hands with someone out of sight, then her emerging into the sunlight wearing sunglasses and a big smile. There is a mix of reporters asking as to her well being, and applause and whoops.

One reporter in particular asked Hillary what happened, to which she responds by spreading her arms, and simply saying “It’s a beautiful day in New York.”

Suddenly, out of the blue, by total chance, a young girl shyly approaches her and asks to take a photo. After kindly acquiescing, Clinton waves good bye and begins to walk off. Reporters continue to ask how she feels as she does.


“Great! I’m feeling great!” she responds before walking off to reporters asking what happened.

Watch the video here.

This show put on for our benefit does nothing to assuage concerns of Hillary’s health. The previous video of her being put into the van, mixed with the previous rumors and talk of her health completely overshadow this forced display of non-concern.


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