Watch: KISS Stops Concert to Give Thousands to Vets, Take Shots at Kaepernick, and Say Pledge of Allegiance

The rock band KISS is a staple of American rock and roll, but this rock band is more than just makeup, platform boots, and catchy hooks. This band is also highly patriotic. So with all the disrespect being shown to this nation and those who have worked so hard to protect it, KISS wanted to show that patriotism isn’t dead, and that this nation is still the greatest country in the world.


During one of their concerts, KISS took a moment out to do some amazing things. First, they started by explaining that this tour was all about freedom, and that freedom is not at all free. Thus, they showed their appreciation for our troops by awarding the charity “Hiring Our Heroes” $150,000. Displaying the check, and honoring our troops caused the crowd to go into a loud USA chant.

But KISS didn’t stop there. Paul Stanley got onto the mic and gave a small speech that flies in the face of the narrative being paraded around by NFL stars, our own President, and members of the media.

“So, now that we all know, and were here to recognize all these great people, I want to tell you something,” said Stanley. “You should remember patriotism is always cool. Loving your country is always cool. Standing up, respecting and honoring our military is always cool.”

Stanley then did something that would be considered highly taboo at a rock concert. He lead the crowd in placing their hands over their heart, and saying the pledge of allegiance. “God bless you! God bless our troops!” he shouted afterward.


Just to make sure the checklist in being pro-American was complete, the band then went into a pretty awesome rendition of the National Anthem, complete with elevating platforms, pyrotechnic displays, and awesome visuals on the screen.

Watch it all go down here.

God bless, KISS. They’re pretty brave for going out of their way to push against the vogue of this day and age. What’s more, it’s great to see the crowd so hyped up about it. Just goes to show you that while the media tries to make what Kaepernick and others like him to be something may are onboard with, they’re not at all in the majority, and Americans love this country.


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