This Disgusting Attempt to Make a Trans Student's Lewd Behavior Acceptable Goes Too Far

Not long ago I reported on a story where a group of high school girls in Minnesota were brought to tears after their school continuously ignored complaints that a trans student – a boy – who has been given access to the girl’s locker rooms, continuously engaged in lewd behavior around the girls. When the girls attempted to move to different locker rooms, the boy would follow them. Due to this, eleven families have filed a lawsuit against the school district.


Of course, even with cases like this where clearly the trans student – known as Student X in the lawsuit – was in the wrong, the progressive left cannot admit that there was wrongdoing. To them, since this student is trans, and thus one of their most protected groups, any action this student took – no matter how wrong – is completely excusable.

Take the far left, Soros funded site known as “Think Progress” for instance. According to it’s writer, Zack Ford, the girls and their parents are the villains of this story, and Student X is a twerking, grinding, inappropriate, stalking angel.

First off, Ford begins by getting angry that the lawsuit refers to Student X as male, and not female as the student identifies himself.

The complaint identifies the trans student as “Student X,” a sophomore who is engaged in athletics. It identifies her repeatedly — and insistently — as a “male” with male pronouns. Defending this choice in a footnote, ADF explains, “although Plaintiffs are aware that Student X professes a female gender identity, it is his [sic] male sex that is relevant to determining whether Plaintiffs’ rights have been violated by Defendants’ actions.” In other words, it helps ADF’s case to make this student sound like she’s not a girl.

Because he’s not a girl. He’s a male with all the male parts necessary to be considered one, from his genitals, to his chromosomes. Just because Think Progress, Ford, the trans community, and its allies want to believe that Student X is a girl, doesn’t make him one to everyone else, including the girls in the locker room whom Student X violated.


Speaking of the violated students, Ford is unconcerned with how they feel, and tires to tell us that Student X’s behavior is completely natural.

It then goes on to describe various encounters that the girls in the case had with Student X, attempting to describe ordinary teenage behavior in the most dastardly sounding way.

For example, Girl Plaintiff A and Student X were both on the girls’ track team together. Early in the season, Student X would change in a stall, but then she’d “sit on a bench in the locker room while Girl Plaintiff A and other girls changed their clothes.” Then later, she started changing in the open locker room with the other girls, “removing his [sic] clothing down to tight women’s boyshort-style underwear.” In other words, she used the locker room for its intended purpose and talked to her teammates.

Of course. What’s not dastardly about sitting down on a bench and watching the other girls change when you’re not a girl yourself? Ford gives almost no thought to the girl’s feelings about a boy watching them change, as he has completely dismissed that X is a boy. He continues operating under this fantasy as he completely excuses X’s more lewd and rude behavior.

Girl Plaintiff A would try to avoid Student X by coming early or changing on the opposite side of the room, but “Student X started moving throughout the locker room to change, dance, or sit, and he [sic] would make loud rude comments to other girls about Girl Plaintiff A and other girls who did not want to change near him [sic].” The complaint never explains how Girl Plaintiff A may have interacted with Student X in the first place, it just suggests that Student X was the rude one for calling out her rejection.

Apparently Student X enjoys the camaraderie of the locker room with her teammates


So when some of the girls attempted to change in private, away from the male student, the male student would go mean girl, and bully the student for not wanting to change around him. Ford tries to suggest that there may have been more to the story that may excuse X’s behavior, and that X may have been the victim. This is pretty weak thread to hang X’s victimhood on, but let’s remember that Ford – an avid social justice warrior – is already dismissing much of reality to come to these conclusions already.

Ford even attempts to make the twerking, grinding, and stripper pole dancing to songs with explicit lyrics – as explained in the lawsuit – as simple fun dancing that kids just do in the locker rooms.

The complaint lays this out as if the transgender student was some lewd anomaly. But after Parent A complained on behalf of Girl Plaintiff A, the school pointed out that “students, including Student X, are permitted to play music and dance in the locker room.” Dancing is a thing that happens in high school locker rooms.

Ford goes on to make excuses for X asking very personal questions about the other student’s bodies, and that the girls mentioned in the lawsuit are alone in this without any real evidence.

Let me lay out the reality of the situation beyond the make believe bubble that Think Progress and Ford have crafted around themselves. A male student claiming he is a girl is bullying other girls for not letting him watch them change, or engage in lewd acts around them. In any common sense situation, this student would viewed as a pervert, and the school would act immediately to protect the girls from this situation progressing.


Clearly, these girls want nothing to do with the boy, but due to the school enforcing rules that are supposed to “prevent bullying,” these girls are considered bullies for not going along with it. Because they are basing their views in reality, and not going along with the cause célèbre, they are now villains, who in the eyes of the left, are bigots and “phobes.”

They are not. They are typical girls, who want to protect their privacy, and safeguard themselves in their more intimate moments from a student who is not a girl. Student X believes that he is somehow entitled to these intimate moments, and leftists like Ford believe he is correct. Again, they are not. X is not a girl, and has zero right to force actual girls into interacting with him during their moments of vulnerability. That Ford and the left believe the girls are somehow in the wrong here is nothing short of lunacy.

If the trans community is looking for some semblance of understanding from the populace at large, I can confidently say that this is not the way to get it. As I’ve repeatedly stated, trans individuals are more than welcome to believe they are whatever sex they want, but there is a line when it comes to others. Forcing your identity on someone else will only cause them to resist, and resist they should. Doubly so when forcing your identity on children and young adults. If the trans community wants to make progress, it would behoove them to call out X’s actions as wrong, and the school at fault. Let people know that their boundaries are respected, whether they agree to believe or not.


Again, not everyone has to believe as the trans community does. This school in Minnesota is villainous for attempting to force it on its students, X is villainous for attempting to force it on those girls, and Think Progress and Ford are villainous for trying to paint clearly villainous actions as normal.

Ford needs to grow up, get with reality, or both before he ends up trying to excuse something even worse in some misguided attempt to be “inclusive,” and “progressive.” There’s nothing progressive about this.


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