South Park Creators Would Vote Johnson Over Trump and Hillary, or "Giant Douche and Turd Sandwich"

South Park is about to hit it’s 20th season, and the world is more than ready to have the show back. Despite its gross, exaggerated, and oftentimes offensive exterior, South Park has proven to be one of the most accurate and intelligent shows on television today.


The duo responsible for South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, recently had an interview with The Daily Beast to talk about the upcoming season, and a lot of their talk fell down to 2016’s election season. While Stone and Parker were cryptic about some things, they were brutally honest about their thoughts on others.

For one, when their episode surrounding the idea of a Trump presidency aired, they – like everyone else – thought Trump would be a flash in the pan. Today, Parker recalls this laughing.

The big question heading into Season 20 is how South Park will engage with a presidential election that has become a whole lot crazier since last season’s gun-crazed finale aired in December. It was close to a year ago, in September 2015, that the show first took on Donald Trump. “We thought we’d better do this before it goes away,” Parker says, laughing.

“When you’re doing something that contemporary,” Stone adds, “you’re worried that it will drop out [of the news] the next week.” They thought people might wonder why they were doing an entire episode about such a “marginal character” in the election. They did not expect he would go on to become one of the two major party nominees.
Interestingly enough, Stone and Parker don’t want to spend too much time on the election, or Trump in particular, due to being unwilling to service him as a character, instead allowing the character of Mr. Garrison to serve as Trump’s stand-in.
With his run for president on a platform of keeping those “dirty” Canadians out of America, the character of Mr. Garrison has basically become the show’s Trump stand-in, so the pair said they expect they will continue to use him as a vehicle to comment on Trump’s campaign. They decided to do that in the first place because they “didn’t really want to service Trump as a character,” according to Parker. As Stone added, “We were like, f*ck him, we don’t want to give him the satisfaction.”
Parker and Stone make it very clear they aren’t a fan of either Trump or Clinton, and their description as “libertarian” is something Stone and Parker explain is more a concern for liberty. So much so that if possible, they would probably vote Gary Johnson into office.
As for their own political views, Parker and Stone said that while they have been labeled as “libertarian” in the press over the years, all they would say is “we believe in liberty.” If he thought there was “any chance in hell” that Gary Johnson could win, Parker said he would “probably” support him over either Trump or Clinton, who he described, jokingly, as “the giant douche and the turd sandwich,” without specifying which is which.
Undoubtedly, as they always do, Stone and Parker will use the show as an avenue to comment about the election, and the results will be hilarious as per the usual. South Park’s out of this world commentary about many of the world’s biggest issues is what has made the show wildly popular with everyone from the right to the left, and I don’t expect this season to be any different.


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