Hillary Needs to be Given the Chance to Defend Herself, Not Against Trump, but Gary Johnson

Clinton has suffered a massive withdrawal of support, taking her 7 point lead into a virtual tie with Trump. Her support was more or less stripped from her due to a host of issues she and her campaign have faced since the start of the election season.


Three major points are acting as weights, dragging Clinton’s campaign further into the depths. One is the DNC scandal which proved the Democrat establishment had been actively trying to sabotage the Sanders campaign so that Hillary could win. This forced many would be Democrats to abandon ship and swim for another boat.

Another is Hillary’s email scandal, which has plagued her more and more as the election wears on. As of the writing of this article, it’s come out that important pieces of evidence in the Clinton’s case are “missing,” and that amongst the files that were uncovered, Hillary’s health has been once again called into question, as it’s part of the reason she can’t “recall” or “remember” some of things the FBI asked about.

Which leads to the 3rd point. Many are very concerned about Hillary’s ability to lead due to so much pointing toward her being physically incapable of doing so.

It’s also important to remember that WikiLeaks still has major info it says it will soon be dumping that will pour even more gasoline on Clinton’s dumpster fire of a campaign. She’s bleeding support faster than the media and her aids can stop it.


But despite support leaving her, it’s not getting any better for Trump numbers wise. He’s seeing little growth. One person who is, however, is Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson.

It’s been established already that of the two candidates, Johnson is taking more from Clinton than he is Trump. In fact, it’s getting to the point where Johnson will be the catalyst that causes Clinton’s election victory to fall out of her reach. He’s already pulling some serious numbers in swing states – votes that could be helping Clinton secure a dominant spot against Trump.

But as it stands, the Clinton and Trump campaigns have done their level best to pretend Gary Johnson doesn’t exist. The fear that giving any attention to him may result in net losses to the Libertarian party since the two candidates in the mainstream parties suffer from such high unpopularity.

From where I’m sitting now, that’s too little too late for Clinton, whose every campaign stumble results in another little bump for Johnson. If Clinton, and the Democratic party have any interest in winning this campaign, they need to break the silence and confront Johnson head on.


As it stands, Johnson does not produce the numbers to make it into the debates, despite the vast majority of the public wishing him to be there. If Clinton wants to win back some of her support, then it might behoove her to have Johnson on the debate stage where she can do what she can to win support back from him face to face.

This might be a gamble that doesn’t pay off. Johnson is striking all the right chords with many would be Democrats, but it’s a gamble Clinton might soon have to take.


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