Mark Ruffalo Gives SJWs Exactly What They Want With His New "Transgender" Movie...a Reason to be Angry

Mark Ruffalo Gives SJWs Exactly What They Want With His New "Transgender" Movie...a Reason to be Angry

Looks like Mark Ruffalo is getting Joss Whedon’d.

If there’s one thing you can always count on when it comes to SJWs, it’s that eventually they will turn on their own. It should be remembered that the world of social justice is like an oppression Olympics, with everyone competing for the gold. At some point, a group is going to have to focus its ire on someone or some thing in order to weaponize its victimhood, and assert its place on the hierarchy.

The most recent case is actor Mark Ruffalo, famous for his portrayal as Bruce Banner (a.k.a. The Hulk) in Marvel’s Avenger’s movies. Recently, Ruffalo was the executive producer in a recent film about a transgendered sex worker called Anything, and he cast the part of the lead trans character for Matt Bomer, who I hear has been in movies.

This angered the trans community, because Ruffalo gave the job to an actor he knows and has experience with, and not a trans person. Thus, the ever present angry online mob of SJW and LGBT activists jumped on Ruffalo like wolves on a bleeding sheep. Ruffalo attempted to tell the trans community that he was on their side…

…but to no avail. Once the SJW mob smells blood, the frenzy is on.

And so on, and so forth with responses that could go on for miles if you printed them out. Naturally everyone from Mary Sue to Vanity Fair has now weighed in on it, because you’ll recall that’s what happens when you step out of line of the vogue Borg.

Ruffalo should have known this would be the end result, however. He is, himself, a social justice warrior, writing treatises on how women who reject feminism are ignorant jerks, and can kiss his ass. Feminist! He also has been known to speak out for defunding the police, and thinks white people should shut up about riots and Martin Luther King Jr.

But Ruffalo’s attempts at creating something for the trans community were doomed from the start. The victim communities need to have something to be angry about. They need to have been wronged, betrayed, and minimized. If it wasn’t for Ruffalo casting Bomer as the lead, it would have been for something else. A great example is when leading SJW, Anita Sarkeesian, spoke out against the recent Mad Max film, which has a strong female lead, and even feminists consulting on the movie. Her claim? That it still, in some way, shortchanged women.

There is no pleasing them, because they don’t want to be pleased. The SJW community is telling Rufallo he did wrong, but behind all the outrage, Ruffalo gave them exactly what they wanted – what they needed.

I hate to defend Ruffalo here, but despite the outrage, the guy did exactly what he was supposed to do in order to produce the best movie he could. He cast a guy he knows well both personally and professionally. He knows the breadth of his acting talent, and how he could work for the character. Ruffalo wanted to do this story justice, and so his casting choice for Bomer is completely legitimate.

The problem boils down to this, however. A straight, white, “cis,” male cast a white, “cis,” male in a movie about one of the victim groups. According to the racist, sexist system of made up laws that SJWs operate by, this cannot stand. Ruffalo violated the code he claims to follow, and forgot his place on the hierarchy.

In short, Ruffalo did everything right. He correctly cast his movie professionally, and he gave something for the SJWs to rage about socially.

Mark Rufallo has had a successful day.

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