The Top 5 Climate Change Myths Debunked

If there’s one point of contention between the left and the right, it’s on the subject of climate change. The environmentalists on the left have been screaming from the not-so-much melting polar ice caps that the ice caps are melting for eons.


In fact, the hysterical adherence to the climate change message has helped develop and unofficial pagan religion around the issue. It has all the necessary feathers, webbed feet, bills, and quacks to be able to accurately call it that kind of duck. Replete with priests like Bill Nye that believe heretics should be thrown in jail for disagreeing about climate, and bills that would allow deniers of the faith to be imprisoned. It’s a religion with high holy days, such as Earth day, where pagans celebrate together in cities where they pray to cities that they trash during the festivities.  It even encourages, and even forgives extremism if it furthers the faith.

Of course, standing opposite of this environmental religion is the conservative conservationism that casts a skeptic eye on a lot of the propagandism touted by the left. Instead of jailing dissenters, we encourage debate and scientific research that furthers our understanding of Earth and her climate.


That’s too far for environmentalists who must be believed wholesale, however. Instead they push points that you cannot argue with, or else…they hope.

Steven Crowder recently released a video that tackles the top 5 myths pushed by environmentalists, including the myth about the Earth getting hotter, polar bears dying off, and how climate change is a consensus between scientists. It’s both educational, and as always, entertaining.

Watch and learn, and next time you’re confronted with some of these points, you’ll know not to buy the hysterics.


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