Hilarious Rap Video Mocks CNN's "Reporting"

CNN. Tis a silly place.

While being one of the most watched and universally recognized news channels on television, CNN can sometimes border on being ridiculous in terms of what it considers news, and suspiciously – or not so supsiciously – biased on what it thinks it should cover.


From devoting ungodly amounts of time to figuring out where an airplane went, to being hard on anyone who puts Clinton in a bad light, CNN gets its fair share of criticism. In a recent instance, this criticism was pretty hilarious.

Reason.com took it upon themselves to make a rap video that parodies the network’s – as one YouTuber calls it – “sort of like news, but not really” feel. In it, one reporter tries to focus on the stories that matter, like war, government overreach, and kill lists. Meanwhile his co-anchor is continuously covering things that don’t matter like fortune cookies, and Pokemon GO.

Watch below.



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