Colin Kaepernick Got It Wrong About America, but Got It Right About Clinton

San Francisco 49ers QB, Colin Kaepernick is getting in his 15 minutes as the most infamous person in America due to this refusal to stand during the National Anthem. Kaepernick said that the flag doesn’t represent everyone in this country, and so long as people are being oppressed, and there’s injustice, he’ll continue to keep his seat when we honor the country.


He’ll will be sitting forever then, seeing as how these characteristics are a flaw in humanity no matter where you go, and it infects every system.

That said, within Kaepernick’s ridiculously idiotic reasoning is a dose of truth. The QB is surprisingly not biased for one political party or another, and said that the two candidates running in the mainstream parties are a symptom of the problems we’re having in America.

When asked to expound on what he means, he launched into an explanation, casting shade on both Trump and Hillary.

“You have Hillary Clinton who has called black teens, or black kids super predators,” said Kaepernic. “You have Donald Trump who is openly racist.”

But most of his ire seemed to focus on Clinton, who Kaepernic seems to believe is a solid example of the injustice in America.

“We have a presidential candidate who’s deleted emails, and done things illegally, and is a presidential candidate,” continued Kaepernick. “That doesn’t make sense to me. Because if that was any other person, you’d be in prison.”

Not to give Kaepernick more credit than he deserves, but in this case, he is correct about the injustice in regards to Hillary Clinton. In this, he actually mirrors Rand Paul’s words on Clinton, who said if it had been anyone else in the government – especially our military – they would have been tried for treason.


But where he goes wrong is blaming this on America as a whole. By denouncing America, he puts the blame on these injustices and wrongdoing on everyone, including the people fighting daily to make sure this kind of corruption goes answered for.

If Kaepernick really wanted to win hearts and minds to his point of view, he’d stand up and honor a country filled with people who are still trying to push back against that corruption. Yes, it’s an uphill slog, and we lose plenty of battles, but sitting down because this nation doesn’t have a 100% success rate against corruption like Clinton’s isn’t going to help win this battle.

It’s a defeatist attitude that only lends to the victories of the corrupt. If Kaepernick is serious about all of this, then he should stand up and show pride in his nation, and encourage others to defend it against the likes of Clinton and Trump.


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