Poll: Majority of People Voting for Trump are Just Voting Against Clinton

Hardly anyone really seems to like Trump. His unpopularity is so high that he even beats Clinton, who might be one of the most disliked candidates to ever hit the campaign trail.


But it’s Clinton’s unpopularity that drives much of Trump’s voting base. Despite his incredibly high disapproval rating, the fear of Clinton trumps the fear of Trump. You can often see it expressed in normal conversation when asking why someone is voting for the guy, but it recently came out in the poll numbers too.

According to Quinnipiac, the majority of people who have settled for Trump or only doing so because he’s not Clinton.

American likely voters give both candidates negative favorability ratings, 41 – 53 percent for Clinton and 33 – 61 percent for Trump. In fact, 37 percent of likely voters say they would consider voting for a third party candidate.

In this very negative race, 64 percent of Trump supporters say they are voting mainly anti-Clinton, while 25 percent say they are voting pro-Trump.

Note the approval. Only a quarter of those voting for Trump are doing so because they like him, but a whopping 64% are doing so strictly to oppose the Democrat candidate. The negativity is so pervasive in this campaign that the third parties are seeing a spike in approval in the form of 37%.


As reported earlier, despite the majority of voters still going to ward the two mainstream parties, both party’s voters would like to see the Libertarian candidate Johnson on stage by majority at 62%. Perhaps due to many voters unwillingness to leave the party they consider to be the best avenue to beat Clinton, but hoping for a solid 3rd party option that would allow them to forego voting for a Republican candidate they don’t like.

Either way, it’s bad news for Trump if the only reason people are voting for him is because they don’t like his opponent. This creates incredibly shaky ground where his support may fall off at any given moment if a 3rd party candidate says something they like.


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