WATCH: This Young Amtrak Worker Honors a 99 Year Old WW2 Vet In An Amazing Way

And now for something completely different.

IJReview’s Benny Johnson was at New York’s Penn Station at just the right time. Standing in a line for a train was an old man named Ed, who was deaf at 99 years old. Around his neck was a sign that explained his handicap, but it was what was on his head that got the attention of one of the young train operators.


Ed wore a cap, and on it was printed USN (United States Navy) Armed Services, WWII Veteran. Ed had served his country during the most brutal war the world had ever seen. Seeing this, the young AMTRAK employee, name Dwayne, marched Ed to the front of the line.

Dwayne wasn’t done yet, though. Calling his fellow employees over, he pointed out just how special the man was.

“This man! This man right here!” said Dwayne who started clapping.

Upon Johnson explaining to the crowd what was happening and encouraging them to honor the man as well, the crowd joined in with Dwayne.

“You paved the way for me.” said the young man to the vet, who was all smiles.

When the train arrived to take the man home, Dwayne personally escorted the veteran into the train ahead of everyone else.

Watch it all go down below.

A heartwarming moment, not just for the veteran, but for everyone watching.


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