People Give Ann Coulter's Book Cover a Makeover After Trump's Immigration Flip-Flop

While Ann Coulter not having the best day due to the release of her book coinciding with Trump’s brand new squishy, Jeb Bush-esque stance on immigration, everyone else is having a great time.


Aside from the constant mocking, some have taken to photoshop to help give Coulter’s new book, “In Trump We Trust,” a brand new look that better coincides with recent events.

RedState’s Ben Howe points out that the word we’ve had thrown at us repeatedly for resisting Trump’s undoable stance is now applicable to Trump and his supporters.

Jon Gabriel didn’t change much, but does make the title a bit more accurate.

Rick Tyler wants reality to sink in for Coulter.

Ben Howe comes back with a recreation of Coulter’s thought process during the book release.

And SooperMexican says it like it is.


Coulter need not worry, however. Ilya Shapiro, looking ahead, has a suggestion for her next book.

I’d almost feel sorry for Coulter, but she brought this on herself by putting her faith in a man who consistently flip flops on every issue. In fact, she almost seemed to acknowledge it in her book, just before she foreshadowed Trump’s immigration switch-up.

Thems the breaks.


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