Ann Coulter Shifts Her Position On Immigration with Trump

There has been no supporter of Trump’s more ardent than Ann Coulter. The woman has been on social media, national TV, and even wrote a book for the guy in her gung-ho cheerleading for the new Republican nominee. All this, especially, because he was going to be so tough on immigration, a stance Coulter absolutely adored about the guy.


But all that changed during a town hall with Hannity, when Trump essentially dropped his most attractive position in order to adopt stances on immigration he has called “weak” in the past. In fact, they’re Jeb Bush’s position on immigration. During the debates, Trump had a great time lambasting Bush for positions Trump now supports.

So naturally, Ann was faced with a very difficult task. Her dream politician is now like an abusive boyfriend whom she must now make excuses for in front of others. In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Coulter tried to make Trump’s sudden shift seem not so bad. In fact, she’s willing to shift with him.

“It mostly worries me rhetorically … I mean, what to do with the illegals already here was never really a big part of it,” she said. “We’re getting a wall. We’re definitely getting a wall. That’s the one thing we know about a Trump presidency.”

She said Trump still offers more than any of the other Republicans had.

“I don’t think it is a change in policy,” she said of Trump. “The policy is anyone who’s here illegally is here illegally, does not have the right to be here. We’ll decide whether it’s in our interest to let them stay or not. Perhaps it is in our interest to let some of them stay.”


She almost looks more like she’s trying to convince herself, martini in front of her, as she speaks.

Interestingly enough, the “I don’t think it is a change in policy” line is similar to the one expressed by Katrina Pierson on CNN, who said “He hasn’t changed his position on immigration, he changed the words that he is saying.”

Despite whatever damage control Coulter is trying to engage in on behalf of her man, Trump’s primary issue that won him so much support is now dead. This leaves his most hardcore supporters to try to rationalize their support for Trump as best they can.

Hilariously, Mediaite has tracked Coulter’s reactions since Trump’s announcement, and have released an article titled “The Five Stages of Ann Coulter’s Trump Grief.” Perhaps Coulter’s quest to deal is the best look at how the rest of Trump’s support will react.

Bless their hearts.


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