LOL! Trump's Stances On Immigration Now Mirror...Jeb Bush's

The king of flip flops has flip flopped right over his previous hard stances on immigration, and right into one he previously called “weak.”

As many know, his talk on being tough on immigration is what won him the hearts and minds of many Americans, including one Anne Coulter. However, this has recently changed, as now Trump has decided to go completely soft on it.



But wait a moment…where have we seen this before?

That’s right folks. Trump has adopted the very position he chastised Jeb Bush for having. In fact, I believe his exact words during one debate were “The weakest person on this stage by far on illegal immigration is Jeb Bush.”

Here it is if you’d like to watch it yourself.

I hope those who supported Trump based on this issue are paying attention here, because they were warned that Trump has no solid stances on any issue.



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