Over 30% of Voters Say They Would Consider Voting Libertarian

This election continues to be one of the most fascinating studies of cause and effect this nation has seen in a long time. Parties that have been in power are losing support by the day, and the vast majority of it is going to parties that couldn’t get the time of day if they asked nicely.

And here we are now, with the Libertarian party gaining support by leaps and bounds. Even economists find themselves preferring Gary Johnson over Trump, albeit narrowly.

In a recent poll by Morning Consult, Johnson and Stein have both had hefty increases in their support.

The numbers also show that both Johnson and Stein have relatively high potential ceilings: Almost a third (32 percent) of all voters say they would consider voting for Johnson, and almost a quarter (23 percent) of voters say they would consider voting for Stein. Those are large increases from where both of those candidates have polled in Morning Consult surveys. Johnson has hovered between 9 and 13 percent over the past few months, and Stein, who has only been featured in a few of our surveys, usually pulls 3 or 4 percentage points.


Interestingly enough, Johnson also enjoys the least in terms of negative responses with 43%, as compared with Clinton at 45% and Trump at 50%.

The high unpopularity of both Trump and Clinton is the cause, and Johnson’s – and to a lesser extent, Stein’s – surge in popularity is the result. How this continued rise in popularity will look by the time the polls close is anyone’s guess. Some experts say that 3rd party support typically drops off at election time, but this is during normal elections.

This election has proven to be anything but normal. We could be seeing the rise of the Libertarian party play out before our eyes.

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