The Racist, Sexist Hypocrisy In Today's Media Is Astounding

Some of the most trafficked and celebrated websites on the net are the kind that oftentimes lament how, though it’s 2016, we’re still dealing with problems such as racism and sexism. We get messages, and fun videos about how hard women and minorities have it, oftentimes resorting to pointing a finger at men, or whites.


But the problem is that these very websites would rather not practice what they preach. As with all social justice/leftist/victim stoking group websites like HuffPo, Buzzfeed, and Salon are more than happy to immediately turn around and be as racist and sexist as they possibly can be.

Because being racist and sexist actually sells for them. Their audience is oftentimes more than happy to indulge in the hypocrisy right along with them. Granted, some don’t even know they’re doing it, and don’t know any better. Mainly the younger crowd. They truly believe that bemoaning sexism against women, while not remotely applying the same thinking towards men is completely fine.

But when you juxtapose examples, the hypocrisy becomes glaringly obvious.

A perfect example is Cosmo, who pens articles like these seen on the left rather consistently. The problem here is that Cosmo also has a habit of publishing articles like these seen on the right.


Huffington Post is also a bastion of feminist thought that consistently touts women as a people under attack by a patriarchal world that thinks of them as nothing more than objects to be ogled at. However, Huffington Post is not at all shy about being oglers themselves.


Buzzfeed, arguably one of the most popular sites in America, is rife with hypocrisy itself. Here we have the site huffing about how women are still told what not to wear, even in this modern age. However, the same site is completely fine with telling men they shouldn’t wear certain things themselves.



The sinking ship, Gawker, is famous for its double standards, even getting called out on national television for it. Gawker itself is actually no different in principle from the other websites, it just managed to cross the wrong dude in the wrong way. Look at how they handled Hulk Hogan’s privacy being compromised, vs Jennifer Lawrence.


The racism isn’t any better. Salon is filthy with racist sentiment, but is admittedly honest about its hatred of white people. Regardless, it holds white people to a standard it wouldn’t dare hold to anyone with more melanin.


The examples are endless, but you get the point. The very sites championing the fight to end racism and sexism only fuel the flames. For them, it’s okay to play the victim, and tell us society has something seriously wrong with it. It’s also okay for them to do the very thing they say is awful with their right hand, while their left is beating you over the head with guilt trips for it.



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