Watch As People Who Know Nothing About Guns Sign a Petition to Take Them From You

Continuing a long, proud tradition of ignorance put to action, Steven Crowder set out to prove that those who often vote to have firearms limited or taken away are often the very people who know nothing about guns at all.


Utilizing the talking point phrase “common sense gun reform,” Crowder interviewed many a passerby before asking them to sign a petition that would be applied to absolutely nothing.

In order to pull this off, Crowder set up a small tent and on a table in front of him, and laid out various rifles and handguns. Some of the rifles fired the same bullet, but all of them were semi-automatic and perfectly legal for civilian purchase.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 4.52.03 PM


Crowder has a good time stringing them along, making them state false knowledge about various firearms they demonstrate they have zero knowledge of. The consensus was that the scarier the gun looked, the less we needed it. In this way, the AR and AK were out, despite them both firing in the same fashion as the other rifles. When asked if they did fire automatically, Crowder would respond with “fully semi-automatic,” to continue to throw them.

I encourage you to watch this video for the laughs, and ultra-cringeworthy moments, but be careful. You’ll likely hurt your head banging it on your desk as one by one you see these people completely give over to the media narrative they’ve been inundated with.


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