Trump Shows He's Capable of Solid Moves by Helping Louisiana with Aid, While Hillary Does Nothing

Trump Shows He's Capable of Solid Moves by Helping Louisiana with Aid, While Hillary Does Nothing

Credit where it’s due.

Earlier I talked about how Obama has chosen to forgo heading to Louisiana, which is currently experiencing massive flooding. This, after then senator Obama practically harangued George W. Bush for not swinging down from a rope and rescuing people off of roofs with his own bare hands.

Clinton herself is currently resting, as she does. She did sent this tweet out, though. So that’s nice.

But while the populace, and selective parts of the media express their anger and frustration toward the Democratic side of this current political circus, Trump himself decided to put himself on the Louisiana’s nice list by showing up to help with the relief effort.

From WGNO:

Donald Trump arrived about 9:30 Friday morning in Baton Rouge to tour flood-damaged areas in the state.

He is set to visit Greenwell Springs in East Baton Rouge and St. Amant in Ascension Parish, according to WBRZ.

Trump was greeted at the airport by a delegation of Louisiana Republicans: Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, Attorney General Jeff Landry, Congressman Garret Graves, Congressman Steve Scalise, and Eric Skrmetta, a member of the Louisiana Public Service Commission and co-chair of Trump’s campaign in Louisiana.

Trump’s Vice Presidential nominee, Mike Pence, also joined the group.

Trump and Pence even had a nice moment where they were seen helping unload supplies off a truck.

The optics here are something Trump desperately needs. Having typically come off as unstable, cruel, and destructive had done little to help his campaign win hearts and minds. Appearing alongside Louisiana residents may do some in helping him repair that image.

This, especially when Clinton can’t be bothered to do anything but tweet about it. Her strategy to sit back and let Trump destroy himself actually backfired this time. Trump actually made a move here that will stick to Hillary in a way that will make her look colder than she already does.

If Trump wants to win people back that his demeanor pushed away, this is the way to do it.


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