Obama's Hypocrisy On Full Display as He Golfs While Louisiana Drowns

Superstorm Sandy has claimed the lives of 11 people and destroyed 40,000 homes. Some of the pictures coming out of Louisiana right now show a state under brown, murky water, as residents stand waist deep inside their own homes.


And Obama can’t be bothered about it.

This is the same man who laid into George Bush for flying of Louisiana after Katrina. The media made a huge deal of it alongside him.

Today, with Louisiana facing a similar crisis, Obama has refused to interrupt his busy golf schedule to be there in person to provide help like he had criticized Bush for not doing.

“The president can’t be everywhere,” said Jeh Johnson, Homeland Security Secretary.

Apparently, he can be finishing up his 9th round of golf at Martha’s Vineyard, though. In his place, Johnson will be heading to the flood zone to oversee the government handling of the situation.

For all his faults, at least Bush made efforts to show up when the south was hit hard by Katrina. He even landed in Biloxi Mississippi two days after the flyover in Louisiana to meet with victims of the flooding.

Not so with Obama. You won’t hear a peep out of the media that had put Bush through the ringer for not actually grabbing a bucket and bailing water out of the state. Bush was accused of all sorts of nasty things, including once little bit from Kanye West, saying Bush didn’t care about black people.

So I guess now we get to the ask the question. Does Obama care about black people?



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