Another Cult-Like Song for Trump Has Popped Up, and It's Not Even Original

To say that something akin to a religion has risen around Trump wouldn’t be a phrase too far off from the truth.

And like every religion, there must be hymns. It’s happens with every major politician. I’m sure many can remember the small children singing about how Obama is going to lead us out of the dark times, or Hillary’s weird country song.


Donald, being the largest cult leader of them all, would of course have songs dedicated to him as well. The latest one is a song that one Twitter user describes as a “beautiful, deceptively simple song” that is “full of hope, peace & truth.” Followed of course by all the apropriate hashtags.

Ladies and gents, I give to you – and I’m not even kidding about this – “Lets Meet This Year On the Trump Train.”

Words like “The media is terrified, they can’t control his reign,” and “where brave men called out for wall built by crane” are sang over a revolving set of pictures of Trump and his supporters. The song, while trying to be inspiring, actually just comes off as creepy. Maybe even tragic if you watch the pictures of adoring fans set to this kind of tune.

And there’s a reason it comes off that way.

Thing is, the tune isn’t exactly original. If you think you recognize it, you probably do. It’s a direct rip-off from “The Hanging Tree” as performed by Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1. Hilariously, the song is about a tree where they hanged a man for murdering people.


In the story, the song was intended to be a marching anthem by rebels who united against a dictatorial liar who lived at the height of luxury as the people he subjugated through fear, division, and intimidation starved. People sing this song as they march toward almost certain death.

Weird, huh?

In any case, I’d like to say this was the best song dedicated to Trump I’ve seen, but let’s face facts. No one is going to beat Pitchy! at the Keyboard.


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