Milwaukee Rioter Says the Reason Riots Happen Is Because Rich People Don't Give Their Money to Black People

After the shooting of an armed suspect by police during a foot chase, Milwaukee residents took to the streets to protest. Thing soon turned violent.

Cars and businesses were set ablaze and burned to the ground. Rocks were thrown at officers, and according to Mayor Tom Barrett, four officers were injured. The destruction was extensive.


Milwaukee after the unrest.

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Aftermath of last night. #milwaukee

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But what started as a riot over a shooting became a riot of demands. According to one rioter that was interviewed, the reason these riots were occurring wasn’t police brutality, but because the rich weren’t giving black people their money.

I find it weird that people who claim they want to improve the lives of those in their community do so by burning it down to the ground, and then feel that others should pay up so that this kind of violence will stop. In any other situation, demanding money or else would be called terrorism.

I wish I could say this guy was alone in his thinking, but we’ve repeatedly seen that he’s not. What he and those who demand money don’t understand is that being given money won’t solve the problem. The problem isn’t that these communities are poor, it’s that there is not a lot of opportunity for wealth creation due to under-education, welfare qualification limits, and high crime.


Some of the answers to these problems are very obvious, and have been proven to work. School choice, limiting welfare, and criminal justice reform would all go far in helping these communities prosper.



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