Milwaukee Protestors Targeted and Attacked Whites During Riot

The American Mirror came across various bits of footage pertaining to the Milwaukee riots, and the order of the night seemed to be racial agitation.

Videos and photos showed protestors actively pointing whites out who were driving past the scene of the riot to be dragged out of their cars and beaten.


“They’re beating every white person! They jumpin’ every white person.” shouted one man who was filming the scene.

“He white! Beat his sh*t!” he yelled when they found someone.

Some even took to Twitter to brag about their exploits using the hashtag #MilwaukeeLootCrew.

One video showed rioters destroying a car while shouting “black power!” 


Earlier today, we reported how one protestor claimed that one of the reasons riots like these happen is because the rich aren’t giving their money to black people. Clearly, the racial tensions within the black community are so thick, that it’s caused a massive lack of empathy between protestors and other groups outside of this community.

Riots like this will only further that divide, as people will only become angrier at the behavior displayed by racially charged riots that target other groups for harm. 


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