Rand Paul Savages Hillary Clinton as He Calls for Her Indictment

Sane Americans are still wholly unsatisfied with Hillary’s complete lack of punishment for breaking the law, and Rand Paul is one of them.

During an interview on Fox News, Paul was asked to discuss his recent comments about how Hillary needs to be indicted, followed by a prison sentence.


“I’m a big believer in equal protection under the law. Whether you’re rich or poor, white or black. Everybody should be treated the same under the law.” he said.

Paul made the argument that our own military has strict rules about confidential materials, and how mishandling them could result in very serious consequences. He even brought up the case of General Petraeus.

“I think anybody else in this situation would have been prosecuted, including General Patraeus who had a similar situation where classified information was not where it was supposed to be, and other people had access to it,” said Paul. “They didn’t do anything to give him a break. He was prosecuted.”

He even attacked FBI Director Comey’s comments about Clinton’s carelessness.

“For many of use who aren’t lawyers, but do think words mean something, how is extremely careless any different from grossly negligent?” said Paul.

Paul was frankly savage about Clinton during this interview, and to be honest, she couldn’t deserve it more. Especially from a guy like Rand Paul.


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