Rand Paul Will Be Reelected In Kentucky...By Democrats

RunSwitch PR and Harper Polling asked around in Kentucky about who they were voting for when it came to the race between Rand Paul, and Democrat Jim Gray, and got some very interesting results.

As many know, Rand Paul is a Republican and Libertarian favorite in the Senate. His recent bid for President failed, but it hasn’t at all hurt him in the polls in Kentucky, where he is currently trying to defend his seat in the Senate from former Democratic Mayor, Gray.

According the poll, Rand leads Gray by 12 points at 50% and 38% respectively. While this is great news for Rand, it’s not necessarily surprising. His popularity amongst those on the right is a testament to just how much people will love you if you stick to the small government principles people elect you for.

What is surprising, however, is that many of the people who are voting him in aren’t even Republicans. According to the poll, when asked which party voters belonged to, 52% said they belonged to the Democratic party, compared to 39% saying they belonged to the Republicans.

According to RunSwitch PR, this is the result of the Democratic party’s continual voter bleed.

Senator Paul receives 76% of the Republican vote, one point better than Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s party support (75%). Paul earns the support of one-in-three Democratic voters (30%) while Gray takes 60% of Democrats. Gray receives stronger support on the Senate ballot from Democratic voters than does Hillary Clinton, who is getting just 54% of Democrats on the Presidential ballot. Both Gray and Clinton are suffering from massive defections among registered Democrats.

While Democrats are still supporting Gray as a majority, a solid chunk has said they prefer Paul. Independents, as well, prefer Paul by a vast margin.

Among voters who say that their opinions do not align with either of the two major parties, 44% support Paul for reelection, compared to 18% for Gray, which indicates Paul has appeal among independent voters.

Rand Paul is a great politician to be sure, but his success is likely owed to a lot of different factors. From the Democrats pushing a very unpopular candidate in Clinton on them, to Paul’s ability to be something of a PR juggernaut with fun to watch clips of his senatorial actions on Facebook, and his charity surgical work. For many on the right, Paul is a how-to in politics.

All of it combines into one superstar senator from Kentucky who has won the affections of not just people on the right, but those on the left as well.

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