The Language Being Used Against Trump Is Heating Up, and Trump Can Only Blame Himself

If you’ve watched the election news lately, you’d notice that emotions are running high with pretty much everyone from the protestors on the street, to the pundits commenting about it. Yelling and crying is something some a resorting to, but one noticeable change in particular is the way the language has gotten harsher in tone over the past year.


At the center of this change is Donald Trump, who prides himself on speaking his mind, and smashing through politically correct barriers…you know, until “speaking your mind” is used against him. Then the tantrums, whining, and demands for an apology start.

Hell, just watch the classy way he responded to two parents of a fallen soldier who spoke at the DNC.

Still, he makes it a policy to be loose with his thoughts. Trouble for him, is that everyone else is starting to get that way too, and it’s getting the attention he usually likes to get for this kind of thing

For instance, David Itzkoff speaking to CNN about Trump got everyone’s attention when he flat out said that Trump was a “bullsh*t artist.”

The fun didn’t stop there. RedState’s Ben Howe was on MSNBC discussing what kind of person Trump is, and how him being who he is is going to bring him down in the long run. During the discussion, Howe was asked what he thought, and his response was nothing short of magical.

“I view him as a less ethical David Duke,” said Howe. “His idea of minority outreach is to stop calling people ‘colored’ and tweet pictures of taco bowls.”

Rick Wilson probably wins with his “Trump supporters are single childless men who masturbate to anime” line.


From curse laden Twitter rants from GOP consultants, to commercials with latino children cursing in them, Trump’s rhetoric seems to have turned up the heat across the board.

Even Mitt Romney, a man known for not going too far off the rails, did his own version of it when he unleashed on Trump in the most PG way possible.

It could be attributed to the weariness felt by everyone at the end of election season. Tensions are running high as the finish line comes ever closer, and people who wanted to check out months ago are still forced to deal with the news in front of them.

Still, there’s definitely been a tone shift that has occurred, and Trump is definitely getting a taste of his own medicine. He and his followers clearly don’t like it, but this is the bed they made, and the one they have to sleep in.

People are having fun doing what Trump often does to them, and you might even see it get worse as we get closer to the election.


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