Tim Kaine Flip-Flops Multiple Times On the Legislation That Restricts Federal Abortion Spending

Apparently, going back and forth on decisions about certain issues isn’t just a trait of Donald Trump’s, as Hillary’s pick for VP, Tim Kaine, seems to have a talent for doing the same thing.


One of these issues that Kaine can’t seem to make his mind up on is the Hyde Amendment. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it was a law passed in 1976 that restricts the use of certain federal funds from being used for abortions.

Kaine, being a Catholic, has been against it. As he told The Weekly Standard not long ago, he has “traditionally been a supporter of the Hyde amendment.”

But now that he’s walking in Clinton’s shadow, this has apparently changed. On July 26th, the Kansas City Star got the word out that Kaine had switched his position to fall more in step with his new boss.

Democratic vice presidential pick Tim Kaine has privately told nominee Hillary Clinton he will support repeal of the Hyde Amendment, a 1976 provision that bans the use of federal dollars for abortion services, Clinton spokesman Jesse Ferguson and Kaine spokeswoman Amy Dudley said Tuesday.

Okay, so he flip-flopped in order to put forth a unified message on the pro-abortion front. Politically it makes sense, but personally, this seems like a really rotten thing to do. Especially someone who was for the Hyde amendment due to religious reasons.

But wait! There’s more!

On the 29th, Kaine was interviewed by CNN who asked him about his flip-flop. Surprisingly, Kaine is suddenly back to supporting the Hyde Amendment. In fact, he says he’s always been for it, and hasn’t changed his position on it.

So what gives?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Kaine isn’t necessarily lying when he said he’s in support of the Hyde Amendment. He still thinks it’s great, but he thinks his job as VP is even better. In other words, he’s selling out his values to Hillary Clinton in order to help her accomplish whatever goals she has planned.


“The senator is not personally for repeal of the Hyde Amendment,” a spokesman for the Clinton-Kaine campaign said Wednesday. He added: “But as he’s made clear, he is committed to carrying out Secretary Clinton’s agenda.”

Care for the unborn, especially care that is propped up by religious conviction, isn’t just something one flip-flops on. Kaine believes he’s doing something solid by uniting alongside Hillary, but what he’s just done is essentially say that his convictions aren’t really convictions at all. They’re just opinions he’s not willing to fight for.

This might not be a big deal if it was Hillary’s opinion on how much soda you should get with your Happy Meal, or what kind of lightbulbs should be allowed, but it’s not. We’re talking about children, and forced participation in their death. Is that something Kaine believes God would smile on?

I’m starting to think one of the reasons Hillary chose Kaine to run alongside her, is his ability to roll over on command.



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