The Trump Subreddit Creates a "Safe Space" for Special Snowflake Donald Trump's AMA

The alt-right have always been a stalwart group of supporters for Donald Trump, who picked up their vote with his brand of no-nonsense, tell it like it is, anti-political correctness.


One thing the alt-right loves to make fun of – though rightly – are those whose sensibilities are so delicate that they have the need to create “safe spaces” around them. Essentially, these are bubbles where no disagreement, debate, or criticism are allowed.

So it’s absolutely hilarious that Trump’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the r/The_Donald subreddit must be turned into an absolute, battened down safe space for their snowflakey lowercase lord and savior.

As you can see, they’ve really locked it down.

This isn’t the first time r/The_Donald’s preference for a bubble mentality has been seen. There’s an entire subreddit dedicated to people who were banned from it called r/BannedFromThe_Donald, with people telling stories of their expulsion for minor offenses.


It should also be noted that Donald is doing this AMA, not on the r/AMA subreddit, but in the super safe space of r/The_Donald.

Remember when we used to make fun of the current president for screening attendees of his public town halls beforehand? This just reaffirms that we’re essentially seeing another Obama-like wave of carefully controlled narratives.

So much for Donald the tough guy.


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