Gary Johnson Is Already Going After Bernie's Former Supporters

Gary Johnson Is Already Going After Bernie's Former Supporters

Due to the explosion of uncovered intrigue and foul play from within the DNC, chaos as erupted within the Democratic party. Long story short, the DNC conspired to screw over Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Sanders could have taken the ball and run with it, but instead punted. Regardless of all the foul play, Sanders has told his supporters that they need to vote for Hillary. This resulted in Sanders’ own supporters turning on him, and with such intensity, that he couldn’t reign them back in.

So now we seem to have Democrat apostates, much like those seen in the Republican party who wouldn’t tolerate Trump. And like those wayward Republicans, these Democrats are likely looking for a new home.

Enter Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, who is wasting no time in reaching out to these former Bernie supporters with a video on Facebook.

“You think Hillary Clinton is going to stand up for your civil rights?” said Johnson, going on to talk about how the ACLU gave him the highest score in Presidential politics, higher than Obama and Ron Paul.

Johnson then went on to remind the viewers about Clinton’s pro-war past, and how she regularly boasts about her decision to bomb Libya. He even puts the expansion of ISIS’s power at her feet.

“Is anything going to change if Hillary Clinton is elected President?” he asks. “Unlike Hillary Clinton, I never supporting bombing Libya. I never supported the Iraq War.”

He even attacked her back and forth history with bad decisions regarding criminal justice. “I’ve always stood up for drug policy, and criminal justice reform.”

Then Johnson goes in for the kill. “If you’re still feeling the Bern, and feeling burned because the Clinton machine rolled over your ideals, there is another option. The Libertarian party nominee will be on the ballot on all 50 states.”

With Sanders supporters highly unlikely to switch to Trump’s side, Johnson is a candidate many progressives can find themselves getting behind, and daily you can find former Sanders supporters on message board declaring their switch.

Various polls have Johnson at different states of approval, from 13% to 9%, but one thing is for sure. Johnson’s support is growing daily, and with these new developments coming out of the DNC, the Libertarian candidate may see a surge.

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