Gary Johnson's Donation Page Surges Past Intended Goal By Thousands and Is Still Rising

Gary Johnson is once again showing signs that he’s a very real contender in this election. Not only is Johnson rising in the polls, and garnering endorsements, it would appear that there is a voting base out there that really wants to see the Libertarian candidate succeed.


The Johnson/Weld donation page, called “The Money Comet” was started 3 days ago, during the RNC. Under the tag “The two party system is a dinosaur. You are the comet,” the original goal for the donation page was $25,000.

As of right now, the “money comet” has hit $156,738, and it’s not done yet.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.13.32 PM


The new goal is to reach $200,000, but at the rate this donation page receives money, we’ll probably be looking at $250,000 sooner than later.

Johnson and Weld is currently trying to achieve the 15% approval needed to reach the debate stage with Clinton and Trump. With recent events, and this surge of cash in the Libertarian coffers, Johnson may have the necessary tools to make sure he gets his own podium.

Currently, he sits at 13%. Should Johnson reach the percentage goal, it may spell a good number of stolen votes from the wildly unpopular Democratic and Republican candidates.


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