Hypocrisies Galore: Trump Slammed Biden for Plagiarism, But How Much Has Trump Plagiarized?

The hypocrisy of the Trump train knows no bounds, as recent audio of Trump surfaced that puts the plagiarism of Melania Trump in an even more hilarious light.

Time found this audio of an interview Trump did in August last year on the Hugh Hewitt show. During the interview, the possibility of Joe Biden entering the race was brought up. This wouldn’t be the first time Biden would have run, but his campaign years ago was met with trouble.


According to Time:

Biden dropped out of the presidential race in 1987, acknowledging he “made some mistakes” that cast an “exaggerated shadow” over his campaign, the New York Times reported at the time. Biden had been accused of plagiarism as a law school student and as a politician, when he echoed—without attribution—the words of British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock.

Because of this, Trump wasn’t bothered in the least about the prospect of Biden throwing his hat in, and upon being asked how he would fair against Biden, Trump responded confidently.

“I think I’d match up great,” answered Trump. “I’m a job producer. I’ve had a great record. I haven’t been involved in plagiarism. I think I would match up very well against Biden.”

The relevant bit starts at 4:15

It’s almost poetic. Trump brags about a vice he lacks, and almost a year later, his campaign is found guilty of having it anyway.

But even better is the fact that Trump is guilty of plagiarism on multiple occasions. Kelly Weill at The Daily Beast uncovered 9 times the Donald was guilty of plagiarism himself.


To give you a few examples, Trump U was found to not be as honest about its secrets as it let on. Whodathunkit?

Trump Institute students say the wealth neither materialized—and neither did Trump’s allegedly personal investing secrets. A New York Times investigation found that at least 20 pages of the Trump Institute textbooks were lifted in near-entirety from a book in the “Real Estate Mastery System,” a 1995 series completely unaffiliated with Trump.

The Trump campaign site had a habit of taking local articles, and claiming them as their own.

Trump’s official campaign site has hosted a number of local news articles reproduced without attribution. On its Idaho webpage, the campaign copied and pasted local radio station KBSX’s 2012 article on election law, removing the author’s name and renaming the story “REQUIREMENTS TO VOTE FOR TRUMP.”

Not only had the article been plagiarized, it was also advertised out-of-date voter information.

But who can forget this chart topper?

And earlier this month, Trump landed in his biggest Twitter ripoff drama to date. On July 2, Trump tweeted a picture of Hillary against a background of money, next to a six-pointed star reading “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” The image bore a striking likeness to anti-Jewish propaganda—probably because the image originated from a racist Twitter user who frequently posted anti-semitic memes. (Trump did not credit the image’s original creator, or the racist forums where the image resurfaced in a thread celebrating the death of a noted Holocaust survivor.)

Trump is the uncontested king of the dunghill of unabashed plagiarism, and hypocrisy.



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