FLASHBACK: Gingrich Says Trump Would Need "Psychiatric Help" If He Picked Him As VP

Donald Trump smiles at left as Republican presidential candidate, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich talks to media after their meeting in New York, Monday, Dec. 5, 2011. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

To go along with Trump’s flip-flops, it would appear that Newt Gingrich, VP for Trump finalist, has some flip-flops of his own.

Earlier, we reported that New Gingrich didn’t have kind words to say about Trump. But now that Trump and Gingrich are BFFs, the tone seems to have changed a bit. By “a bit,” I mean a lot. As it stands, Gingrich seems to be the most popular pick for being Trump’s VP.

“In many ways, Donald Trump is like a pirate. He’s outside the normal system, he gets things done, he’s bold, he’s actually like a figure out of a movie,” said Gingrich in an interview with Sean Hannity. “And in a lot of ways, my entire career has been a little like a pirate. I’ve taken on the establishment in both parties. I’ve been very prepared to fight the media.”

“I’m certainly one of the people that will be sitting by the phone tomorrow to see what he decides,” he said.

This is all very interesting, seeing as how just in April, Gingrich was answering questions about the potential of being Trump’s running mate at a college Q&A, when he said…

“There are points when your candidate can be so delusional, that you need to get them psychiatric help. I think that would be one of them.”

Gingrich would go on to tell the students that John Kasich would be a much better option for Trump to have as VP.

So aside from Gingrich slamming Trump for who he was, the very job he’s likely going to get is one he felt Trump would be “delusional,” and need “psychiatric help” should he put in the running. Now that Gingrich has rolled over on everything he’s previously said about Trump, what kind of delusional does that make him?