Dana Loesch Is Threatened With Physical Harm, and Handles It Like a Pro

Protecting yourself with firepower isn’t just a right, it’s damn smart. If people have to weigh their life against hurting you and yours, very often they’ll choose their life and go mess with some unfortunate soul who doesn’t carry.


One of those people very unlikely to be messed with is radio personality, and host of Dana on The Blaze, Dana Loesch. Dana is no stranger to controversy, and thus is well acquainted with the ire that comes with being an outspoken conservative woman.

Recently, someone decided to threaten Dana on Twitter, and tell her that he was going to assault her outside her home.

The guy even called her, to threaten her over the phone.


As you can see by the rest of Dana’s tweets regarding the matter, covered by Twitchy, Dana and Dallas police are handling the matter. Hopefully, this man will be ID’d and caught.

During this time, however, Dana released three steps when dealing with trolls. I felt these tweets were great advice, seeing as how online vitriol has reached a peak, especially during this election.

People receive threats all the time. It’s the internet, and with anonymity comes a false sense of bravery. Racist McRedhat may tell you he’s going to hang you from a tree for not voting for God Emperor Trump, and chances are, he won’t leave his anonymity behind in order to carry out the threat. Regardless, treat every threat like it’s real, and use the law where possible.

Develop a relationship with the police department, not just to have an easier time dealing with your threats, but also to generate familiarity. One common tactic of the anonymous coward is “swatting,” where they will call in to the police to tell them there is a hostage situation, a bomb, etc, etc. This prompts the police to show up in full force with guns drawn. At best, the hoax is meant to create fear, and anxiety. At worst, someone gets jumpy, or makes a wrong move, and is hurt. A good relationship with the police department, and knowledge of your situation will go a long way in preventing swattings.


If you speak out online, you’re going to get hate, and you have to learn to love the hate you get. Insults, foot stamping, and especially threats come with standing up for your opinions. And while some say don’t feed the trolls, the kind of chow you give them is what really matters.

In Dana’s case, it’s the law she’s going to stuff down their throats, or maybe even good grouping should this anon coward actually show his face to do what he said he was going to. That’s how you should handle trolls stupid enough to make threats online.

Dana was threatened online by an anonymous idiot. Dana is armed, and made friends with police.

Be like Dana.



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