Al Sharpton Says NRA Only Cares About White People, and Black NRA Members Respond

Al Sharpton is a racist. There’s no way around that, and as he continues to lose relevance, his floundering grows increasingly erratic.

Still, Sharpton is creative. While many activists else were going for the “police are evil” approach to protest after the death of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, Sharpton went zagged away from everyone else’s zigg, and instead went for a racist charge against the NRA.


Appearing on a stage in a small, but packed room, Sharpton let loose against the NRA in a tirade against the deaths .

“Now I missed the NRA coming out and defending the gun rights they legally had. Where is the NRA? Where is Mr. Pierre [NRA president Wayne LaPierre] now? Do you have a Second Amendment right or did you not get down, Mr. Pierre, to the 14th, 15th and 16th amendments? Maybe you mean the Second Amendment is for whites only.”

Sharpton’s racist colored glasses might be a bit smudgy, but the NRA has never been about excluding races. In fact, it’s encouraged minority communities to educate and arm themselves.

To further tighten the screw, NRA members David Webb, and NRA employee Colion Noir, both reached out and weighed in with their takes on Sharpton’s asinine comments.

Webb appeared in an interview on Fox and Friends to reassure people that Sharpton’s irrelevance is driving his lies, and he offers absolutely no solution except the throw the race card around in an attempt to stay in the spotlight.

But Colion Noir’s rant against the media attempting to push a racist narrative surrounding the NRA is something of a masterpiece.

“If any organization acts in a racist manner towards my gun rights, it’s you, the national news media.

You call the NRA racist, while in the same breath telling blacks like me that we shouldn’t own guns because we can’t be trusted to not just kill each other.

Name one thing the NRA does to make it harder for black people to access their Second Amendment rights.

Go ahead. Name one. You can’t.

Because unlike you, the NRA actually fights for my rights.”


It’s clear the only person pushing racial tension here is Sharpton, who is using the deaths of Sterling and Castile as a platform to not only push racial politics, but gun control via discrediting the NRA. That makes him disgusting on two fronts.

This is nothing new with Sharpton, however. Dogs are going to bark, the sky will be blue, and Sharpton will scream racism. I think it’s clear that if he’s going to peddle racism, he’ll need to take it somewhere else. Sharpton just had his asininity handed to him.


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