Sick: Abortion Activists Stand In the Way of Free Help for Low Income Babies

Bridge to Life is a New York based organization that helps parents who choose life for their child by assisting with material needs. They don’t care who you are, what you believe, or what you do. If you choose life, this organization is there with counseling and help.


In other words, they’re heretics.

Their latest heresy involves attempting to give out free car seats to women who choose to seek help from their organization. Loving what they do, and seeing the demand the organization has garnered from New Yorkers, a Republican and a Democrat on the New York City council decided to set aside $5,000 a piece for Bridge to Life.

This enraged the pro-abortion activists within the city, and before long, they were up in arms and moving against the pro-life group for daring to put forth an alternative to abortion, and – horror of horrors – share with women the facts about abortion.

In an news story about the group, Courtney Gross approached abortion advocate and National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund President, Andrea Miller to get her take.

“In a city that has such a wealth of organizations that do provide women with support and services, they shouldn’t be funding organizations that lie and manipulate women. It’s simply not OK,” said Miller.

Jay Hobbs of the Federalist did a bit of digging into the finances surrounding both organizations and came up with some interesting facts. The first being that Miller presides over an organization that gets around $8 million a year. $155,000 of that goes to Miller herself. Compare that to $153,000 Bridge to Life gets annually.


Hobbs goes on.

Where does the money go for Bridge to Life? Almost all of the $153,000—precisely 92 percent—goes directly to New York women and families who need assistance, again in the form of car seats, diapers, clothing, and more.

But the tomfoolery goes beyond a high-dollar abortion advocate’s gripes. When Miller says there’s an “extraordinary wealth of organizations that do provide women with support and services,” who, pray tell, does she have in mind? A simple search into City Council’s public records reveals the not-so-surprising conclusion to our mystery. Included in the upcoming year’s discretionary budget, you’ll find $7.16 million dedicated to an outfit known as—you guessed it, crime-stopper—Planned Parenthood.

The punchline here is that Miller is paid top dollar to funnel millions to Planned Parenthood, and organization that receives hundreds of millions from the federal government yearly. That Bridge to Life gets $10,000 for helping along women who don’t want to kill babies is an affront to all that is “decent.” By the way, not a cent of that $8 million goes to car seats, diapers, or things that babies need.

“For those of you keeping score at home, that’s $10,000 for car seats, baby wipes, and parenting classes, and $7,126,000 for abortions.” says Hobbs.

So we have the abortion empire standing in the way of organizations that want to reach out and help women who choose to let their baby live. Does that sound like people who support choice to you?



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