Millenials Have Some Surprising Opinions When It Comes to Abortion

For all the flak that Millenials get in today’s society, they are surprising us in a way no one really expected.

According to Institute for Pro-Life Advancement, Millenials are found to wish for further restrictions on abortion whether or not they consider themselves pro-life.


Only 17% seemed to agree with Hillary Clinton that abortion should be able to be carried out up until the moment of birth. With all the pushing organizations like Planned Parenthood, and abortion activists do to convince Millenials that this should be their position, this is a surprising number.

More surprising is the fact that 17% say abortions should be completely illegal, and 35% saying they should only be legal in extreme circumstances, such as in the instance of rape or incest. That totals 53% of Millenials who err on the side of pro-life, despite their leanings.

Interestingly enough, 45% of those polled identify as Democrat, with only 24% saying they’re Republican. This shows that the party of Planned Parenthood is apparently not doing such a great job at making their voters into advocates.

In fact, 47% said that Planned Parenthood should continue to receive funding, vs 36% who said they shouldn’t.

According to the Washington Times, this is a huge decrease since last year.


But the number of millennials supportive of Planned Parenthood is down by 19 points since last year, when a Quinnipiac University poll found 66 percent of young people supported taxpayer funding for the abortion provider.

If this trend continues where information dissemination about what abortion looks like, and the inner workings of the abortion industry, we may continue to see a steep downward slide of approval for organizations like Planned Parenthood. It’s been reported that abortion rates are down in most states as well.

Perhaps we’re quickly approaching the end of the abortion empire’s grip on the US.



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