Nigel Farage Would Never Vote Clinton, and Thinks Trump Is a Bit Of a Statist

It’s the 3rd British Invasion, and instead of red coats or bowl cuts, we’re getting someone who actually has something good to contribute to the world.

Nigel Farage is currently taking the world by storm, and why not? The dude just spearheaded the movement that led an entire nation out of the grip of an authoritarian super-government that was inefficient, bungling, and had an elitist attitude about it to boot.

Needless to say, Farage has become something of a right wing hero to many, not just in the UK, but the US. As it turns out, Farage is a fan of our right wing too, though his views on the current state of it are cloudy.

To frame his views, we should start by pointing out where on the right he sits. According to Farage, he’s to the libertarian right, and as expressed in the past that Rand was his guy. When asked about Trump during the end of the Cruz/Trump battle, Farage cast a bit of shade.

“I find that there is a certain sense of anger about Trump. There’s a certain sense that he’s only got one gear,” said Farage. “And he also seems to believe in a bigger state, and has a lot of ideas that wouldn’t necessarily call Republican. There are no circumstances in which I’d vote for Hillary, but if Trump’s the nominee I would genuinely – despite he’s saying good things about security – there’s much about the rest of his agenda, and his manner, that I find pretty worrying.

To Farage, however, he believes Trump is still a much better option than the crop of leftists we have – and may have – in power. In a recent CNN interview on Brexit, Richard Quest compared Farage’s comments on the state of Britain to Trump’s claims about America. Upon detailing how Trump is not the same as himself, Farage had some interesting words about Obama and Clinton .

“I think for the United Kingdom,” said Farage putting emphasis on the UK. “I think Trump would be better for us than Barack Obama’s been. Of that there’s no doubt.”

“And against Hillary Clinton, or are you not going to take sides at this early stage?” asked Quest.

“There’s nothing on Earth that could persuade me ever to vote for Hillary Clinton.” said Farage.

“She represents the political elite. It’s almost as if she feels she has some sort of divine right to have that job.” he went on to say.

The relevant clip begins at 2:33.

Nigel Farage is the best thing to come out of Britain since America.

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