3 Things The Democrat 25 Hour "Sit-In" Revealed About Their True Intentions


The Democrat’s sit-in is over after only 25 hours.


But within that timeframe we got a real good look at what Democrats actually believe, and what their real intentions were.

Spoiler Alert: It’s really shameful.

1. They want to strip you of your constitutional rights.

The first takeaway is that the Constitution is now insufficient. It’s the old and broken. The new hotness is terrorist watch lists that don’t require a trial to strip you of rights. Just say someone might be a terrorist, and boom! No more 2A rights protections. For further proof, see Diane Feinstein who recently said you should be guilty until proven innocent. The curtain was further ripped back to reveal the man behind it when New York Representative, Jerry Nadler tweeted this:

Translation: “Screw due-process, we need to strip rights from people without a trial in order to save lives.” What you just saw was an American elected official blatantly saying that your right to a trial should be thrown out…just in case you might kill someone. Of course, this is exactly the opposite tac he took in regards to Bush’s Patriot Act, when Nadler said…

“Secret arrests, stripping citizenship for political associations, DNA databases, new death penalties, bypassing the judicial process – these are the things that make up a police state. This dangerous proposal would relegate our fundamental constitutional rights to the status of historical trivia.”


I’ve seen less impressive 180’s at the X-Games.

Unless the government has somehow found and hired on real-life precogs from Minority Report, that can predict a crime before it happens, then what they’re doing is wiping their feet on the Constitution. The Constitution which protects you from people like Nadler, and the sit-in Democrats, who literally spent 25 hours on pillows and at buffet tables to protest your 5th Amendment right.

Yes. Elected officials protested you having the right to a trial. They had a sit-in for secret lists, and anti-civil rights.

2. They’ll defend terrorists before American Citizens

This sit-in proved they are weapons grade hypocrites. Their anti-rights sit-in comes on the heels of an event that had them concerned about the rights of a group that causes events like Orlando. From Erickson, and the Resurgent:

Back in January, when Sen. Ted Cruz was a presidential candidate, he introduced S.247, the Expatriate Terrorist Act, which has all but died in committee. The ACLU and other liberal organizations decried this as trampling the 14th Amendment and “due process.” Yet despite the ACLU opposing using terror “watchlists” to deny gun purchases, Democrats want to press forward with squashing that particular Constitutional right.


Back in January, liberals trashed Cruz and S.247, saying it “would allow bureaucrats to strip citizenship from U.S. citizens on the dangerously vague grounds of ‘assistance’ to a terrorist group.” But they are A-okay with the same bureaucrats stripping Second Amendment and Sixth Amendment rights from law-abiding citizens so those who assist terrorists can be protected.


Basically, the Democrats are far more interested in protecting the rights of terrorists than they are protecting your rights. The left are stalwart warriors when it comes to due process of terrorists, but due process for American citizens and their right to own a gun?

Nope! Better act like children on the house floor while chanting out hashtags, and singing “We Shall Overcome” while pillows and a buffet are provided for them.

3. It was a scam all along.

From this ordeal we are to remember that the Democrats never really cared about a vote for gun control measures. We revealed here at RedState that they could have forced a vote on a bill by signing a discharge petition. They chose not to, and instead opted for optics.

The real reason they pulled this is for money. That’s right, the Democrat’s sit in was nothing but a fundraising scheme as multiple sources, including RedState have proven. So one can only speculate on how much money they raised, and how quickly, if the “pout-in” only lasted for 25 hours.

The punchline is that the Democrats don’t actually care about the safety of the citizenry. It could almost be argued that they don’t even care about gun control, at least not all that much. It’s just a vessel for getting what they’re really after.

Money, and headlines. We see multiple celebrities, including Bryan Cranston and Lady Gaga speaking out about the sit-in. We see unending coverage from the media. But most of all, we see the fundraising emails. All in all, the Democrats accomplished nothing they claimed they set out to do. There was no bill, and there was no vote. There are no gun control measures put in place, and nothing was overcoooOOOme.


So you have to ask why this dog and pony show that was supposed to go on indefinitely…suddenly stopped.

I think we all know.

(Photo Cred: Jennifer Shutt)



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